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Granite Bay provides four options for achieving Lean excellence at your facility. Each is backed by our satisfaction guarantee and designed for successful shop floor implementation.

Option 1 is an Executive Lean Overview. This is a one-day session geared for plant managers and other leaders to provide a primer on Lean Manufacturing, including a discussion of the tools, when to use them and strategies for successful plant-wide implementation.

Offered occasionally in locations throughout the U.S., this event can be brought directly to your facility and presented to your leadership team.

Option 2 is a three-day in-house seminar entitled Reducing Costs through Lean Manufacturing, and is designed to give managers, supervisors and shop floor personnel an inderstanding of how Lean reduces costs that are overlooked by other initiatives. We do not discuss Lean from an academic perspective; we focus on how to use it as a cost reduction/profit enhancement tool.

Participants leave with an understanding of the key Lean tools that they can begin to apply immediately in their work areas. This workshop is an excellent way to kick-off a Lean initiative and get the entire organization on the same page. Conducted world-wide.

Option 3 is a 3-day applied workshop called QuickLeansm, designed for leaders in small- to medium-size manufacturing plants. This is a cost-effective solution that will help your plant get started on the Lean journey or revitalize your current approach.

The mornings are spent learning about Lean in a classroom. Then, in the afternoon, we move to the plant floor to apply the concepts.

Finally, Option 4 is a 6-month process called Accelerating Performancesm that provides both the skills and the guidance to engage your entire staff in a series of mini-improvement projects that support a key business objective.

Your plant and staff teams learn certain Lean tools, then apply them right away, to create continuous, sustainable improvements. The structured approach gives your organization the skills and confidence to continue the journey to World-Class Manufacturing on its own.

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