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1. What problem(s) would you like to solve or situation(s) would you like to improve?


2. What factors have led to the need for these improvements?



3. How is operating performance affected? How is the current situation impeding the achievement of organizational goals?


4. What, if anything, has been done to try to improve the situation in the past?


5. To what extent were these efforts successful?


6. Do supervisors & employees recognize that change/improvement is needed? Do you feel that they are receptive to change?


7. What communications about the situation and the need for change/improvement have taken place so far within the organization?


8. Which departments or areas will be involved?


9. How many employees/supervisors work in each department or area?


10. How many employees/supervisors work on each shift?


11. Which schedules are people in the affected areas working?
(e.g., Dept 1: 7-day operation, 12 hour rotating shifts; Dept 2: 5 day operation, 8-hour fixed shifts, etc.)


12. In what improvement activities (total quality management, continuous improvement, etc.) is your organization currently involved? Have these been successful at meeting their intended objectives?


13. Are there other activities in progress or anticipated that will require major changes in staffing, organization or other systems/processes?


14. What major changes, if any, has the organization faced in recent years? Were these changes successful from both business and employee standpoints?


15. Are there any external forces impacting the business which could affect the way plant operations are managed (e.g., needing to add or reduce production or shifts to meet demand)?


16. Describe the relationship between management and employees.


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